Design Services

Note: Projects are accepted as schedule allows. Contact Us Here for availability.

What is your pricing?

Some services have prices listed as base price. Since each project is uniquely tailored to your needs we provide a custom quote will be provided once we discuss your project.

Check out the various services offered then contact us to discuss.

I don’t see on your site or price list what I am looking for do you offer (insert what you are looking for)?

If there is something you are looking for not on site or listed contact us so we can discuss.

If you would like to discuss the design service are looking for- Contact Us Here.



What kind of coach are you?

My clients have called me a mindset coach, life coach, business consultant, writer, motivator, speaker, trainer, mentor, and/or teacher. It doesn’t matter what you call me I’m whatever your needs are.

For myself I just call myself proud to be me!

What kind of coaching do you offer?

I have various types of coaching I offer.

Private one on one coaching packages.

Group Coaching through a membership site (will be launching soon and have a certain amount of space).

Intensive Group Coaching. Limited Time intensive program.

How do I find out more about your coaching?

I’d love to speak with you to see if we can work together ~ contact me here for my availability.

How do I hire you as a coach?

We can speak on what your needs are and if we can work together ~ contact me here  for my availability.