Designed success my way….

First a disclaimer…

I don’t blend or go along with what others believe I should.

That is it in a nutshell what I do as a coach. Get you to you. That true you and not the one that is made up from the expectation of others.

I’ve been there…buckling under those expectations of others. The need to fit in and be like everyone else is strong. But I broke free of that early in my corporate career. I conquered it and made my own path.

I’ve worked in the corporate world for over 20 years. Started at the bottom and worked my way up. Even when I first started I did it my way. While many were trying to blend and fit in I was doing me and thus standing out. I know the rules but also know when to use them and adapt them to fit me.

This adapting ability came in handy. During my career path I had some medical issues where I almost died a few times. These also shaped my view of life and living what is your passion. My clarity didn’t come from dying. It came from not living. Although I had success in my career even with the bumps (unemployment, being overlooked for a promotion, and all those other things) I had to overcome I still had much living still to do. I was showing up in my career but what about my life. Wow that was a shock and epiphany. I was working on my career but lacking in my life. That was about to change.

Showing up…this is what I knew I needed to do in life too. Take that same passion I had with work to life. So I did and set about going for all those things outside of my job (note this changed from career because I found what one of my true passion was. The one that made me get up in the morning with a smile on my face) and doing those with more enthusiasm, focus and intent. Once I had what I needed to do I did it.

My almost dying only reaffirmed my not blending in work and in life. This was empowering.

One of the things those blending didn’t think about is when you blend you become part of the landscape that is the same. That sameness is invisibility that hurts you if you want to be a leader, if you want to be you, if you want to live a life you want to, if you want to do what you are passionate about. That is what I wanted so I did me at work and in life.

I didn’t do being me for anyone else to see. I did it to be true to me. True to what I was and wanted to be. In the end it was noticed and recognized. I was a thinker, innovator, someone who could think outside the box and adapt to keep growing. This led to many opportunities that came to me (work and life) and I didn’t have to go too. Yes! My being me led to those opportunities to do what I was passionate about to come to me.

When you are true to you and something is meant for you, you don’t need to chase it. It will come to you. This is one of the truths about being you. It is a powerful thing to have, know, and do. This is knowledge I’ve passed on to others I worked with in corporate world. Those who I work with in life. I’m a mentor, trainer, leader and coach. I’ve learned the art of helping individuals and/or groups obtain extraordinary results using their most valuable tool ~ being them.

This journey has taught me so much, but two of the most important things ~ being you is key to life you want to live and there are no limits to what you can achieve.

Now what about you.

If you are:

Someone who is spinning your wheels over and over and over (and over times what feels like infinity?).

Someone who, wants to be the REAL you but doesn’t know what that is yet. Or you think you do but doubts creep in and you need someone to help you with ways to dispel that.

Someone who wants to be passionate about their success and/or life.

Someone who doesn’t know if they are ready….but knows they want to make a change.

Someone who wants to show up and take action in their business and life.

Then you’re one step closer to those things. You’re here. Now it’s time for action. How much action is up to you. You can follow along on the blog, facebook and other social media. I suggest you do I post inspiration and other things. But you can take a big step of action for your future book me to work together. Come on and finally start building the success/life you want to live. Let’s work on building what being the Real You is and doing you means to you.

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