Tip Time: Build a Visual

Tip Time!

I’m reposting this Tip Time again! There’s always new things so posting to remind you.  🙂 These are just my thoughts. I’m not an expert or a guru of any kind.

Build a Visual


When posting on social media, on your blog, newsletter and so forth use images. Many are drawn to the visual. Especially when it’s eye-catching. Think about when you are looking through your social media what makes you stop and look. Or what makes you go to a blog or read a newsletter and so on. More times than not it is the visual that brought you in first.


Content is great but add images with it so someone will stop to read. This visual will entice someone to stop and look. I’ve provided blogs earlier of some places to get some free images.  Will also provide more in future 🙂

Note: This is just a tip. Do what works for you or your needs.

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