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Design Brief Insider ~ Search for Stock Photo


There are a ton of sites you can get stock photos (I have and will also be sharing some here). Stock Photos are a very valuable tool and finding them can well take you down a rabbit hole of pretty. LOL. I like pretty! Been known to get lost for hours in pretty. And I have no regrets….well I do have one. Can’t buy all the pretty. LOL.

When searching for stock photos I make sure to make time. It’s not a quick in and out since finding a quality stock photo that works for a project can take time. So make sure you make time for that.

In your search you can start with wide search criteria. For example if I was in search of male in suits I use just that. Try it and see what happens. I’ll wait here.


Good. Yep lots of choices. Its eye candy and so pretty. And so much to choose. Here is having an idea of what you are looking for comes in. I would explore the search if I am not sure yet what I am looking for. Also I mark images that capture me for future use even if they do not work for current project.

Adding to the scenario. Say my project needs a specific type of male in suit. I now will narrow my search and get lesser results. Then I have fun searching. 🙂

Here’s another search for you to try. Scenic as a search. Unleash the pretty. LOL. If you do this search be ready for lots of pretty and time spent looking at pretty.

And a quick tip for you when searching change the filters (the sites have usually a default which is for the most popular ie used by lot of people) so change that. Or make sure when you go through images do more than one page. Keep going there is stock photo gold in the others pages. 🙂

Now back to your search for stock photos.

The search for stock photos is an adventure and if you choose to accept get ready for the pretty. 🙂

Unleash the creative you, kick butt, get stuff done and design the life you want to live!

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