Tool Time: Design Resources ~ The Hungry JPEG

Tool Time!

Here’s a tool from around the web. This is a design resources site.

Have you heard of…

The Hungry JPEG ~

They have a ton of design resources. They have graphics, fonts, templates and so much more for many of your design needs.

Yay for many t0ols for your needs! There’s a ton of stuff. They also have freebies and low price deals. 😉

They also have a newsletter. Be sure, if you’re not already signed up for their newsletter do so. They also send emails with there offerings. Just be sure you check the license for terms of usage.

The great thing about the site is they offer a variety for you to choose from. Now have fun exploring and creating.

Unleash the creative you, kick butt, get stuff done and design the life you want to live!

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