Design Eye Twitch

You’ll know when an design gives you an eye atwitch. This is when you look at an image, cover or go to website and even though you don’t realize it when you view it you look away. Yep look away.

It’s the minds unconscious reaction to something you don’t find aesthetically pleasing. When this occurs you’re more likely to leave site without exploring, scroll pass image or cover. But you might not even know why you do. It’s all instinct.

Make a huge note to self ~ Avoid the design eye twitch.

You want people to want to view what you are showing them. Explore and want to learn more.

How do you avoid the eye twitch?

Choose colors, fonts and images that work together and not against each other. Basically make it so someone wants to view whatever it is you have made.

Unleash the creative you, kick butt, get stuff done and design the life you want to live!

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