Cover Design ~ Inside Look (the basics)

I love being creative.

Here is some insights into what I do.

When I was doing a cover I posted to various places a basic overview of my process. These are also posts I did on the process and combining them here into one.

Cover Designs Steps

Getting ready to work on a custom cover art that was delayed due to well a few things.

For Cover Art there are some basic steps I take.

Planning – this is when I get the cover art request.
Images – this is when I get images based on request then send for picking of images.
Colors – once I get images back I then start thinking on colors. This would be based on if it’s a series which would need series branding or a stand alone. Also to fit the brand of the client.
Font – choose a font based on genre, feel of cover and so many things.
Mock Up – cover concept is ready for client to review.
Cover Art – client has chosen and this is the final.

Cover Design Planning

Working on a custom cover design for a client. This is a new series which will include coming up with a logo, layout for series, overall feel and so on.

This is the beginning stages. Have cover art request form and going over it.

Cover Design Images

Image time!

Love looking at images…but so many to choose from. LOL. I was down the image rabbit hole but have what I need. Also marked some for use in other projects. 🙂

Now sent off to client and waiting for their choices.

Cover Design Colors

Have the images choices now it is color time. So going through what colors will work. Client didn’t give me idea of what color they are looking for so just picking then going from there.

So playing with my colors and loving it. 🙂

Cover Design Fonts

So…I have a confession. Well I have made this confession before. I love fonts. Have thousands and am always looking for more.

I might have gotten a little font happy when I made mock up’s for client to look at. And I don’t regret it. I might even do more. LOL.

Cover Design Mock Up

Was waiting on client for some info before I could proceed with next step. Got it so now ready.

Cover ready for review. Sent off to client. And yes I did get font happy. Made a few more before sending. LOL.

This will be for a series so this first cover will be the guide for the way rest of series will look and feel. Now waiting on reply.

Cover Design

Client reviewed and changes made based on what they wanted. Client sent the final of their cover.

That is wrap for this cover. 🙂

Can’t share yet. Waiting for client to do their cover reveal then will share.

Hmmm…did you enjoy following me on the basics that I do when designing a cover?

It was a brief overview that encompassing so much more. I had fun sharing. Might do more in future.

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