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One of the things I do is maintain websites for some of my clients. That basically means they send me content and I update their site based on that. This is plan offer now on my site.

For a few of my clients who has been with me awhile (I don’t offer the next thing any more). I also check back-end things to make sure site is running well and troubleshoot any issues. This client is one who has that.

So…you might wonder why I am mentioning this.

Imagine if you will I was doing my usual run through of my clients sites to make sure everything was going well. I do this at least 2 times a month minimum (I do it way more because I want to make sure client’s site is good). Well in this lookie. IE I was testing to make sure things were loading as they should and so on.

So…there was a site that didn’t. As in it was not showing anything. So I was like hmmmm…and no wonder yet what is wrong. I logged into clients host site and everything looked good there. But…still no site when I checked. So I did all my fixes and still nothing. So…I got on chat to see what was wrong. They worked with me to find out but couldn’t see so escalated.

By this time I had emails in my inbox from people visiting site. I am the contact as webmistress for site. I then emailed client and let them know. Since I am not the owner of account I also had them email about it and reach out to support. They also reached.
I kept working on it and reaching out to host until finally it was fixed. It was something on their end. They had the access to site set that it was not visible. I later found out that there was a migration of servers done by them and something didn’t get done.

It is moments like this that makes what I do so much fun and interesting. Usually it’s not something like this.

But in end it was fixed and site was up and running. 🙂

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