Attraction Energy

Do you ever thing of what you attract to you?

I do. When you say or do something it brings it’s own expectation with it. The people you surround yourself with also brings there own energy with them. Surround yourself with positive people. With doers instead of people who talk about doing. The go getters who will cheer you on, be with you when you fail and be the ones who will spur you on to keep going. Those you surround yourself with are powerful allies in whatever you do. Your mindset of doing something is a powerful ally too.

When I think of what I attract it makes me thing of times I have struggled. Struggled on path I have taken or when I questioned a decision I made. The doubt crept in and undermined me. Self-Sabotage. Yes we all have that and do that. I had to learn to not do this. Get out of doing this. It took me time, effort and so much. Are there times I still have those moments of doubt? There are. But I have learned when I do to use my mindset to conquer so I didn’t let it paralyze me.

This takes me back to the what you attract. Think of your…

Attraction Energy

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