Goal Digger

Set goals then work to get them done. When goal setting do them in parts. Here’s a breakdown of how I think of Goals.

Immediate Goals – These you can do now or really soon to move forward and these are the foundation for the rest goal.

Short Term Goals – These are further out and these are the first part of the core for your goals.

Long Term Goals – These are where you want to go to a certain point. This is the second part of the core for your goals. This goes hand in hand with the short term goal.

Ultimate Goals – Where you want to be and strive to continue to. This one is adaptable and will grow as you do. Since you are always learning and growing this is a goal that will move with you.

Pivot & Adapt Goals – this goal can be put in any place in the above as needed. This is a reminder if one path doesn’t work for your goals then have the ability to pivot then adapt and keep moving forward.

Be strategic when you plan that way you can be a:

Goal Digger

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