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Moving Blog Posts Here

Still moving blog posts here. Content will be added in by date they were originally posted.

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Newsletter Informative and Fun

Newetters is a great way to reach your audience. When someone signs up for your newsletter they want to connect. So do that. Connect with them. Share a great balance of your personality, useful information and finding out what they … Continue reading

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Putting the Social Back in Social Media

The focus on social media is to be seen. Right! Wrong. The focus of social media has lost its biggest thing. Being social. Social media is about connection with others. Yes many like myself use it as a platform for … Continue reading

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Upcoming to Blog

I’ve recently moved my blog so getting settled in and adding content back and writing new content. Also here are some of the topics for blog posts I’ll be doing: These are a multi-part series that will be posted over … Continue reading

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Build a Visual

Tip Time! When posting on social media, on your blog, newsletter and so forth use images. Many are drawn to the visual. Especially when it’s eye-catching. Think about when you are looking through your social media what makes you stop … Continue reading

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Freebie Time ~ Stock Photos!

Freebie Time! Here is a freebie from around the web. Stock Photos Did you know there are many places you can get free stock photos? Yes there are! There are a lot of sites that has free stock photos. Most … Continue reading

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Do you have a newsletter/email list?

If you don’t you should. An newsletter/email list is one of the most valuable tools you have in your Business Toolkit. A newsletter/email list is individuals who have come and signed up because they want to hear more from you. … Continue reading

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Brand Message

Brand isn’t just about the visual aspect. One of the most important elements of brand is you. Don’t depend on the visual for your brand. Yes, it will bring people in but what will make them stay, explore and want … Continue reading

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Design Eye Twitch

This when you look at an image, cover or go to website and even though you don’t realize it when you view it you look away. It’s the minds unconscious reaction to something you don’t find aesthetically pleasing. When this … Continue reading

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Get connected with MMJ Designs

Get connected with MMJ Designs! MMJ Designs just joined Instagram. Come join me. Instagram MMJ Designs now has a newsletter. Come join to get tips, tools, and other information that will provide you with information. There will also be information … Continue reading

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