Upcoming to Blog

I’ve recently moved my blog so getting settled in and adding content back and writing new content.

Also here are some of the topics for blog posts I’ll be doing:

These are a multi-part series that will be posted over time. These are always evolving and changing so do posts as needed.

This will be made up of two types of these. There is the shorter stuff I post on blog as well as social media. Then a more in-depth posts will be on blog with link on social media. The topics will range but fall under the below categories. They are in no specific order.

  • Brand Dynamics
  • Design Edge
  • Newsletter/Email List Dynamics
  • Content Innovation
  • Social Media Dynamics
  • And more as I come up with them. 🙂

The below when I post will be cross-posted on blog and on social media.

  • Freebies
  • Tips
  • Weekly Social Media Wrap-Up (about some posts that I have done on social media. I post once a week on blog as a wrap-up)

There will be more topics as things come to me.  🙂  I love creating posts/content.

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